RACINE—Today, Will Martin called for selling state facilities after learning many state employees are still not reporting to work at them regularly. Will Martin is watching out for Wisconsin Taxpayers.

Some state facilities remain largely empty two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began in Wisconsin.  Many state employees continue to work from home, while Wisconsin taxpayers continue to pay for maintenance and utilities at these facilities.



Many major corporations across the United States have reevaluated their need for office space in COVID-19 and downsized their footprint to save money, but not Tony Evers and his administration,” remarked Martin. “Instead, the Evers administration is forcing families and businesses to continue paying for facilities largely going unused.”

It is hard enough for families and businesses to make ends meet with record inflation and an uncertain economy,” Martin continued. “Let’s sell assets the state isn’t using, retire debt, reduce the state government budget, and give Wisconsin’s hardworking taxpayers their money back.”

The State of Wisconsin currently spends nearly $44 billion annually to operate state government, equating to over $7,400 for every man, woman, and child living here.

Martin noted, “In November, voters are hiring a CEO and COO to manage state government. They deserve leadership that will watch over their money, use it wisely, and reduces costs.  Tony Evers is not up to the job. I’m ready to act as a watchdog for Wisconsin taxpayers and eliminate waste wherever it exists.”


Will Martin is the only Lt. Governor candidate to have worked for Governors Tommy Thompson and Scott Walker across multiple departments, implementing reforms and other initiatives, and owning a small business for 20 years.