Are you troubled by sweeping Executive Orders and mandates eroding your personal freedoms?  When the next Governor and I are sworn in, we will never forget Article I, Section I of the Wisconsin Constitution: “All people are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights; among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; to secure these rights, governments are instituted, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  We will always remember we work for you, not the other way around.


Do you share a concern about the integrity of our elections and the future of our democracy?  As a descendant of those who could not vote, I know how precious the right to vote is.  The next Governor and I will work with the Wisconsin Legislature to make certain we have one set of rules governing voting across the entire state, from the smallest town to the largest city; every voter’s voice is heard; and every legally cast ballot is counted the same way.


Are you tired of being labeled and pitted one against the other?  The next Governor and I will always celebrate the rich diversity of our state, but will reject identity politics that seeks to divide us.  Rather than favoring one group over another, we will seek to expand opportunity for all to reach their full potential.  Our measure of a person will be based not on a given characteristic, but on the content of his or her character and the desire to contribute toward moving Wisconsin forward.


Have you thought about the impact of inflation on the amount of gas, sales, and property taxes you are paying? If you are driving, or shopping for goods or groceries, you have felt the sting inflation is inflicting on businesses and families, alike. But, there are hidden inflationary costs. The next Governor and I will wring out bureaucratic redundancy, rightsize state government, and reduce your taxes. We cannot reduce the prices of other things, but we sure can rein in the cost of state government.



Are you feeling burned out as an employee because you are having to take on more of the workload?  Are you stressed as an employer because your company cannot find enough qualified job candidates?  Wisconsin workers are among the world’s most productive, but many businesses are desperate for more employees.  Having spent decades addressing workforce challenges, I am prepared to work with our next Governor and partner with the private sector in launching innovative talent attraction and upskilling initiatives to grow our workforce and overcome the mismatch of job requirements and candidate skills.


Are there areas of your community suffering from a lack of economic development?  Some major cities are experiencing tremendous growth, but too many rural communities and urban neighborhoods aren’t.  Too often, local government officials and business leaders are unaware of the incentives and programs available, and do not know how to navigate the state’s many agencies.  I have experience in supporting economic growth among major employers and small businesses, and will work with our next Governor to ensure the State of Wisconsin streamlines economic development programs and serves as a proactive partner for all our towns, villages, and cities.


Are you concerned about rising crime affecting Wisconsin’s urban, suburban, and rural communities?  If you are like most Wisconsinites, you have seen it on television, heard about it on the news, or maybe even experienced it yourself.  Wisconsin’s families, schools, and businesses cannot continue to tolerate this wanton and reckless endangerment of our people and property.  The next Governor and I will ensure Wisconsin uses every tool to curb crime.  We will make certain violent criminals and repeat offenders are taken off the streets, the broken bail system is fixed, and the revolving door stops spinning.


Have home prices and rents become unaffordable?  Has it been decades since new housing was built in your community?  Just ask the Wisconsin Realtors Association, which commissioned a study demonstrating that our state has fallen behind in building new housing units.  It is no wonder that Wisconsin is home to one of the oldest housing stocks in the nation, and you are paying a premium.  I will work with our next Governor in forming new public-private partnerships to attract investment and modify state policies to accelerate housing starts across our rural and urban communities.