Meet Will

Hi, I am Will Martin, and I’m seeking the Republican nomination to become the next Lieutenant Governor of the State of Wisconsin.

I’m not a politician. I have been a small business owner for over 20 years, and am the only candidate with four years of leadership experience in Wisconsin’s Executive branch, having helped lead reforms and other initiatives under Governors Thompson and Walker in multiple state government agencies.

Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce and overcoming the mismatch between jobs and job candidate skills are among the greatest challenges impacting Wisconsin businesses and families today.  Under Gov. Walker, I was honored to serve as Wisconsin’s Strategic Workforce Initiatives Director in the Department of Workforce Development, coordinating and expanding our human talent pipeline by working with employers, training providers, local governments, educational institutions, military and veteran agencies, and faith- and community-based organizations.

During Gov. Thompson’s tenure, I not only served as Deputy Director on his staff, but also helped implement a quarter-billion dollars of the nation’s most ambitious welfare-to-work reform, assisting thousands of parents in entering the workforce, and saving the state tens of millions of dollars in the process.

Economic development is also a top priority for both our rural and urban communities, but they need a proactive partnership with state agencies.  That is why I traveled over 45,000 miles across Wisconsin in a single year meeting with local government officials, tribal leaders, economic development professionals, and business and nonprofit executives representing over 100 of the state’s towns, villages, and cities.  In addition, with broad-based public- and private-sector input, I led the effort under Gov. Walker to finalize 120 federally recognized, tax-advantaged investment zones to accelerate business start-ups, job creation, and housing development.

Not only have I worked across Wisconsin, I have extensive experience internationally, having lived in Israel and worked across Europe, and will put that experience to work in attracting more Americans and businesses to the great State of Wisconsin.

The next Governor will have a great deal to tackle, and the issues will not wait.  I have the Executive Branch and private-sector experience to hit the ground running from Day One in helping the Governor reform state government and setting the conditions for greater economic opportunity and personal freedom for all across Wisconsin.

This is my story.  I hope to meet you on the campaign trail, and learn your story, so we can chart our shared vision for Wisconsin’s future together.


Will Martin